Quiz of the Month – March 2013

Each entry below represents a make-believe newspaper headline that describes the plot or an incident in a famous novel, non-fiction book, short story or play.  Can you name each work and its author?  The answers are posted on my Quiz Answers page.

  1. Accused murderer accidentally hangs himself while trying to escape London mob
  2. Architect found innocent after admitting he destroyed Government housing project
  3. Man planning to marry found to have crazed wife locked in attic
  4. Boy raised by wild animals in Indian jungle
  5. Man lobotomized after numerous altercations with nurse in mental hospital
  6. Slave beaten to death by New Orleans area plantation owner
  7. “Gutter Snipe” reportedly transformed into “Lady” by noted phonetics professor
  8. Woman forced to choose which of her two children must die
  9. Adulteress throws self under moving train
  10. Maids write tell-all about employment in southern white society
  11. Teacher falsely accused of lesbian relationship commits suicide
  12. King kills his father, and marries woman old enough to be his mother
  13. Vicious attacks by birds reported in small Cornish town
  14. Fireman hunted for not burning books
  15. Man makes trip through Hell, Purgatory and Heaven, and lives to tell about it
  16. Mysterious millionaire found murdered in swimming pool
  17. Prominent white southern attorney defends black man charged with rape of white woman
  18. Well-known London detective falls to death during clash with criminal mastermind
  19. Chauffeur kills boss’ daughter, and burns body in furnace
  20. White boy and escaped slave raft down Mississippi River
  21. Doctor with multiple personalities kills selves
  22. Woman’s cells live on after her death
  23. Book exposes unsanitary practices in meat packing industry
  24. Frenchman visits America, and writes tell-all about what he saw
  25. Boys marooned on island savage each other
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