Talking About Books . . .

“Unfortunately, only about three percent of the books published in the United States are works in translation.”  That comes from a site set up by the University of Rochester called Three Percent.  Its purpose is to promote the translation and publication of books originally written in languages other than English.  It’s also a good spot to find out more about which books have recently been translated into English.

The Los Angeles Times has posted a list of the 2013 award finalists for the best translated books in fiction and poetry.  Fittingly, there are awards for both the original author and the translator.

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The American Library Association (ALA) keeps track of the most complained about books – those that people want to remove from public and school library shelves and from school curricula.  What topped the list in 2012?  If you said the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy, you’re wrong.  It was number four on the list.  The most complained about book (or books) was the 10 volume Captain Underpants series.  Reuters has the list of the top ten.

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Throughout history there have been numerous cases of book burning.  Mentalfloss offers a list of 11 book burning incidents that will break your heart.

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OK, so I’m a bit late in pointing you to an article on New Year’s resolutions, but really, weren’t you a little overwhelmed by all those resolution articles you saw in January?  Here for your consideration is an article featuring the New Year’s literary resolutions of 15 authors.

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Book covers are very important because through them you get your first impression of every book you see.  Publishers Weekly (PW) invites you to test your memory of book covers by taking their book cover quiz.  Of course they have removed the names of the books and authors so you won’t be tempted to cheat.

You will notice that this is the fifth quiz of this type.  PW points you to the sites where you can also take the previous four quizzes.

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