The Last Bookshop

Picture this: at some future time a bored boy sits in a room with blank white walls and conjures up a hologram in the air.  That’s his entertainment system.  Suddenly the hologram disappears and he is unable to retrieve it.  Bored even more, he walks around town passing shop after shop that is boarded up until finally he comes upon a bookshop.  Curious youngster that he is, he gingerly walks in and is confronted by something he has never seen before – books, lots and lots of books.  To see what happens after that, take time to watch the 20 minute video below.

While looking at comments about the video at various websites, I was amused to see one indicating that the video is a bit long.  I will assume that you, being a reader, still have enough of an attention span to watch the entire video in one sitting.

If you get this post as an email, you may find that the video is not embedded.  For this and other videos that I have embedded in posts, you may have to go directly to Book Notes Plus.

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