Quiz of the Month – July 2013

Each entry below contains three words that are associated with a work of fiction, nonfiction, a play or a poem.  Name the work and its author using only the three-word clues – if you can.  You can find the answers on my Quiz Answers page.

  1.  London, Paris, Carton
  2. Detective, Train, Stabbing
  3. Boy, Dust, Wendy
  4. Paris, Gypsy, Archdeacon
  5. Man, Bug, Transformation
  6. Dogs, Spots, Coat
  7. Savannah, Murder, Graveyard
  8. Lacks, Cancer, Cells
  9. President, Brainwash, Chinese
  10. Journey, Cyclops, Island
  11. Magician, Brave, World
  12. Atlanta, Maids, Racism
  13. Teachers, Lies, Lesbian
  14. Black, Bird, Detective
  15. Black, Bird, Nevermore
  16. Physician, Revolution, Russia
  17. Butler, War, Georgia
  18. Infant, Apes, Jungle
  19. Books, Firemen, Future
  20. Deaf, Blind, Water
  21. Lawyer, Scout, Racism
  22. Labrador, Destructive, Beloved
  23. Hospital, Nurse, Lobotomy
  24. Boys, Stranded, Piggy
  25. Boy, Slave, Raft
  26. Marooned, Footprints, Friday
  27. Submarine, Professor, Harpoonist
  28. Murder, Louvre, Symbologist
  29. Buttercup, Wish, Inigo
  30. Belted, Flayed, Lazarushian
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