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Music Notes

Two of the greatest opera composers of all time were born 200 years ago this year.  It is fitting that one is Italian and the other German.  The two men are, of course, Giuseppe Verdi and Richard Wagner.  WQXR has … Continue reading

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Readings I’ve Enjoyed – The Story of Civilization by Will Durant

Though you may never have heard of Will Durant, he is responsible for introducing millions of people to the pleasures of philosophy and history.  His 1926 book The Story of Philosophy has sold millions of copies, and his 50 year … Continue reading

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The Pop History Dig

A few weeks ago I was channel surfing when I came across an interview that Brian Lamb, the man who started C-SPAN, did with someone named Jack Doyle.  Doyle, it turns out, has a website called The Pop History Dig … Continue reading

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Talking About Books . . .

I remember when Barnes & Noble came to town.  It was a large store with a mezzanine and contained far more books than I could peruse in one visit – or 10 visits.  But something horrible happened soon after it … Continue reading

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Caroline Criado-Perez and the Trolls

When you step from the shadows into the sunlight, you become more vulnerable to attacks by all sorts of creeps.  That’s what Caroline Criado-Perez found out recently.  Criado-Perez is the feminist activist who campaigned to have Charles Darwin’s image replaced … Continue reading

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