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Little Free Library

Across the country there are “little free libraries” popping up in people’s front yards.  These are not really lending libraries because you are welcome to take and keep the books you find there.  You are also encouraged to add new books that others might enjoy.  You can make your library or buy one on the non-profit Little Free Library website.  Google has a webpage that offers photos of many free library structures.  It’s astounding just how many you will find there.

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Poirot by W. Smithson Broadhead 1924

I thought Hercule Poirot died back in 1975.  At least that’s what the New York Times obituary stated.  Obviously they were mistaken since the same newspaper now reports that a new Poirot adventure will be released in 2014.  The Agatha Christie estate has authorized Sophie Hannah, a best-selling author of crime fiction, to write a new mystery which will feature the suave Belgian detective.  William Morrow, the publisher of the novel, bills it as a “diabolically clever murder mystery sure to delight and baffle Christie’s fans, and those who have never read her work.”  Let’s hope so.

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Media-savvy Tina Brown who most recently attempted to save Newsweek will leave The Daily Beast and write a book about her years in the media.  When you read what she has accomplished you’ll agree that the book should be very intriguing.

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Pavel Astakhov, Russia’s powerful children’s ombudsman (he reports directly to Vladimir Putin) believes that reading Russian literature is the best way for Russian children to learn about sex.  There is no sex education in Russian schools and Astakhov is working to pass a law to insure that it doesn’t sneak in.

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Flavorwire has compiled a list of 50 recommended works of fiction in translation that every English speaker should read.

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The author Virginia Woolf will appear in the upcoming season of Downton Abbey.  Australian opera singer Nellie Melba will also be featured.  The producers promise that there will be no more deaths during season four.  Thank goodness!

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What books do highly successful people like Bill Clinton, Oprah Winfrey, Colin Powell, JK Rowling, Bill Gates and Stephen King read?  Find out here.

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