Holiday Gift Book Ideas

Looking for a good book or two as a gift for someone?  Here are a number of lists that should give you plenty of options to choose from.

Smithsonian Book

A good gift book for someone who likes history might be The Smithsonian’s History of America in 101 Objects by Richard Kurin.  The question you might be asking right now is how do you choose 101 objects from the Smithsonian’s vast holdings (137 million artifacts)?  In an interview on CBS Kurin talks about some of the objects that were chosen.

An article in The Daily Mail tells you more about the objects, and an article at the Smithsonian website shows you the objects chosen.  Clicking on any of the photos will bring up a larger photo plus a short explanation about it.

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USA Today has a list of 10 books they loved reading this year.

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Chasing Utopia

The folks at NPR came up with a unique way of presenting their favorite books of 2013.

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Five Days

Library Journal has a rather unique list of favorites for 2013, and don’t miss the “You may also like” lists below their list.

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Bleeding Edge

The New York Times lists a whopping 100 notable books of the year grouped under “fiction & poetry” and “nonfiction.”

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The Washington Post has lots of lists – including the best fiction, nonfiction, photo books, graphic novels, and audio books.  All of the lists can be found here.

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Brain Pickings has a list of the 13 best biographies, memoirs and history books of 2013.

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The Everything Store

The Financial Times has a long list of very serious books about business, economics and the like.

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Bone Season

The Huffington Post has a list here.

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People in the Trees

And finally, here is a list of best books from Publishers Weekly.

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