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It’s nice to know that the world of literature is still vibrant.  I can tell that it is so by looking at some of the feuds that erupted in the literary world during 2013.

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USA Today’s 2013 book of the year is . . . The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald.  Why?  Because it sold 1.5 million copies last year, and has sold 16 million copies since its publication in 1925.  It might even be “the great American novel” that everyone talks about.

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If you intend to keep up with all the latest novels, you need to read faster.  In 2012 more than 67,000 adult novels were published, as well as 20,000 young adult novels.  And those are just two of the amazing statistics offered in an article from The Millions website.

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NatGeo Pics

National Geographic’s Around the World in 125 Years is even more stunning than most of the Society’s publications.  It consists of three volumes with a total of 1,468 pages and 900 images culled from 11 million photos.  The three books weigh a total of 43 pounds, and have a list price is $499.  The print run is limited to 125,000 copies and each is numbered.  The Washington Post has an article about the books, and CBS This Morning did a segment about them.

Here’s another National Geographic related video that you might enjoy.

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Esquire magazine has a somewhat disturbing article about Dr. Eben Alexander, the author of Proof of Heaven.  I’m not saying that he mislead or misrepresented what happened to him, but the author of the article, Luke Dittrich, make a case for further investigation into the claims that Alexander makes in his very popular book.

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A number of movies based on books will be released in the first quarter of 2014.  Book Browse has a list of some of them with videos.

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Researchers at Emory University have done tests that show increased brain activity and neural connectivity when we read novels.  Brain activity indicates that reading a novel may, in a way, transport us into the body of the novel’s protagonist.  Furthermore, that heightened brain activity lasts for at least five days after we read.

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Les Mis

The above board book is designed for toddlers.  Some other books in the series are War and Peace, Pride and Prejudice, and Moby Dick.  Since board books are often used for teething, you’re probably wondering why anyone would want a book like that for a child of perhaps two or three.  We all rationalize our actions, and this case is no different than any other.  A New York Times article explains.

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