Readings I’ve Enjoyed – “Babylon Revisited” by F. Scott Fitzgerald


F. Scott Fitzgerald’s short story masterpiece, “Babylon Revisited,” is the tale of a man whose alcoholism is partly responsible for his wife’s death.  In the story he, now sober, returns to Paris to seek custody of his daughter who is being raised by his sister-in-law who still blames him for her sister’s death.  Like many of his works, it is to some degree based on his relationship with his wife Zelda.  How remarkable that an alcoholic could write a story that is so insightful about the damage that alcoholism does to alcoholics and the people around them.  And yet he was unable to apply the lessons from the story to his own life.

“Babylon Revisited” first appeared in The Saturday Evening Post issue of February 21, 1931 and has been anthologized often.  It is also available online at the Project Gutenberg site.



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