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Photographer Seth Casteel loves dogs and has found a unique way to photograph them.  All of his photos are taken while they are underwater in a pool.  The resulting books will make the child in you smile because the images … Continue reading

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Words At Play

Back in the old days when Bob Edwards was the host of NPR’s Morning Edition, I would hear a man named John Ciardi (CHAR-dee) talking about words once a week.  He had a gruff voice, but his pieces about words … Continue reading

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Music Notes

When I was a kid, my father was in a country music band.  Many times I heard him sing songs by Jimmie Rodgers – the Father of Country Music.  I also heard Rodgers sing his songs on 78 rpm records … Continue reading

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Quotes of Note

Banned Book Week will be celebrated from September 21 to September 27, so all of this month’s quotes have to do with the freedom to read whatever we please without censorship. “All of us can think of a book . … Continue reading

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As Time Goes By

Think about the movie Casablanca, and at least three things will quickly come to mind: Rick, Ilsa, and the song “As Time Goes By.”  Though the musical score for the movie is attributed to the great Max Steiner, the song … Continue reading

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Way back in the early 1980s Richard Wurman had an idea.  He thought it would be neat to have a series of short talks about different ideas that were important – ideas that would include the fields of technology, entertainment … Continue reading

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Talking About Books . . .

How many Greek legends were really true?  For instance, was there ever a Trojan horse?   And was Alexander the Great really that great?  Armand D’Angour gives us the answers here. _ _ _ 15 unpublished Elmore Leonard stories will be … Continue reading

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Stranger Than Fiction – Spotlight on an Author

John Dewey Toole, Jr. and his wife, Thelma Ducoing Toole had been married for ten years when their son John was born.  He was a precocious child, and his mother, realizing how bright he was, pushed him to develop all … Continue reading

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The Meditations of Marcus Aurelius

In Plato’s Republic there is a discussion about a make-believe land that would be ruled by what we would call a “philosopher king.”  This king, while having great power, would rule fairly and humbly.  He would hold his subjects to … Continue reading

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