Words At Play

Back in July I presented a list of 25 “false friends” – words that don’t mean what they look like they should mean.  Last time the words were French, Spanish and Italian.  This time they are Italian, German, and English – but English from an earlier time.  Once again you can find the answers on my Quiz Answers page.

  1. Fattoria (Italian)
  2. Magazzino (Italian)
  3. Morbido (Italian)
  4. Parente (Italian)
  5. Patente (Italian)
  6. Rumore (Italian)
  7. Absolvieren (German)
  8. Aktion (German)
  9. Also (German)
  10. Aktuell (German)
  11. Ambulanz (German)
  12. Blenden (German)
  13. Etikett  (German)
  14. Fade (German)
  15. Fotograf (German)
  16. Genial (German)
  17. Gift (German)
  18. Gymnasium (German)
  19. Herd (German)
  20. Konsequent (German)
  21. List (German)
  22. Artificial (English)
  23. Awful (English)
  24. Balderdash (English)
  25. Brothel (English)
  26. Bully (English)
  27. Buxom (English)
  28. Cute (English)
  29. Defecate (English)
  30. Fantastic (English)
  31. Husband (English)
  32. Matrix (English)
  33. Myriad (English)
  34. Nervous (English)
  35. Nice (English)
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