Quiz of the Month – March 2015

Some sites on the internet create anagrams from such things as book titles.  Below you will find 25 anagrams.  Your task is to turn them back into book titles.  The name of the author of each book appears in parentheses following its anagram.  The punctuation marks in the anagrams have nothing to do with the book titles.  Some of the books are old, while others are quite current.  As always, you will find the answers on my Quiz Answers page.

  1. Sly Uses (James Joyce)
  2. On Fire Then (Dante)
  3. Jove’s Best (Walter Isaacson)
  4. Alarm Sirens (George Eliot)
  5. Nuke Born (Lauren Hillenbrand)
  6. Wander Apace (Leo Tolstoy)
  7. Slushiest Reason (F. Scott Fitzgerald)
  8. Frog-Eyed Fishy Fast (E. L. James)
  9. Wow! The Hit Ending (Margaret Mitchell)
  10. The Ignorant Hitler (Paula Hawkins )
  11. Hang Gem Deranges (Dr. Seuss)
  12. Good Rattling White-Hot Threat (Stieg Larsson)
  13. Daily Saying (William Faulkner)
  14. A Fatal Worm Reels (Ernest Hemingway)
  15. Frothed Follies (William Golding)
  16. Lustrous Faint Heart (John Green)
  17. Her Red-Hot Arch Cry (Anton Chekhov)
  18. The Bike of Hot (Markus Zusak)
  19. My! A Mad Brave (Gustave Flaubert)
  20. The Woman’s the Fighter (William Shakespeare)
  21. Now Witty, Cheerier Eggheads (Zora Neale Hurston)
  22. Haze of a Patterns (Edgar Rice Burroughs)
  23. A Wittiest, Ace Fool (Charles Dickens)
  24. Wart Hog Sheep Fart (John Steinbeck)
  25. Ace Injured Dripped (Jane Austen)
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