Quiz of the Month – May 2015

I suspect that many of you have not been following Book Notes Plus since I launched it in October 2012, so you have probably missed some very interesting information. This month’s quiz is based on some of my earliest posts. The answers contain links to the pertinent posts. If, by chance, you’ve followed my blog all along, then you’ll surely be able to answer all of the questions correctly, right?

You will find the answers on my Quiz Answers page.

  1.  What famous literary detective received an obituary notice in The New York Times in 1975?
  2. Fairy tales as written by the brothers Grimm didn’t have the pleasant endings that Disney gave them. In a post I wrote, “. . . on the way into the church birds peck out one eye of each of the evil stepsisters, and on the way out they peck out the other.” What fairy tale has this grim (pun intended) ending?
  3. The Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew, Tom Swift, and the Bobbsey Twins all have the same father.  Who is he?
  4. What well-known writer of crime fiction and other types of novels said, “. . . I don’t think of them as bad guys. I just think of them as, for the most part, normal people who get up in the morning and they wonder what they’re going to have for breakfast, and they sneeze, and they wonder if they should call their mother, and then they rob a bank.  Because that’s the way they are . . . ”?
  5. Name the well-known novelist who wrote this to her husband: “When we were at the Essex House and I had room service and I could buy all my Florence Lustig dresses, I found that I loved you very much.  But now that you’re in the army and getting $56 a month, I feel that my love has waned.”
  6. In 1983 Vanity Fair magazine began asking notable people to fill out a questionnaire, and each month the magazine still publishes someone’s responses. What is the questionnaire called?
  7. The “Plus” in Book Notes Plus allows me to write about almost anything – including music. What famous movie music composer wrote the music for Captain BloodAnthony AdverseThe Adventures of Robin HoodThe Sea Hawk and The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex?
  8. Here’s what they put on the dust jacket: “This gritty street tale is a breakout book by an author who bears watching.  His wildly imaginative epic offers an edgy, sensual, and utterly unflinching visionary view of life that brilliantly defies categorization.” What do they really mean?
  9. A certain ancient library contained priceless works (such as the works of many of the great Greek playwrights) that were lost when it was destroyed. Name the library.
  10. Psychology Today did an article on a blockbuster erotic romance novel that was published in 2011. Name the novel.
  11. “I do not dedicate my book to any body; for I know nobody worth dedicating it to.  I have no friends, no children, no wife, no home; — no relations, no well-wishers; — nobody to love, and nobody to care for.  To whom shall I; to whom can I dedicate it?  To my Maker!  It is unworthy of him.  To my countrymen?  They are unworthy of me.  For the men of past ages I have very little veneration; for those of the present, not at all. . .” Who wrote this book dedication?
  12. Noveln. A short story padded” is one of the delightful definitions in The Devil’s Dictionary. Who wrote the dictionary? (Hint: It wasn’t the devil.)
  13. In 1927, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle selected his 12 favorite Sherlock Holmes short stories for Strand Magazine. Which story was his favorite?
  14. Barbara Ann Kipfer wrote a book that might cheer you up when everything seems to be going wrong. What is the name of her book?
  15. What singer was called “The Ghostess with the Mostess”?
  16. Name the book (and its author) from which the following quote comes: “The priest rose to take the crucifix; then she stretched forward her neck as one who is athirst, and gluing her lips to the body of the Man-God, she pressed upon it with all her expiring strength the fullest kiss of love that she had ever given.  Then he recited the Misereatur and the Indulgentiam, dipped his right thumb in the oil, and began to give extreme unction.  First upon the eyes, that had so coveted all worldly pomp; then upon the nostrils, that had been greedy of the warm breeze and amorous odors; then upon the mouth, that had uttered lies, that had curled with pride and cried out in lewdness; then upon the hands that had delighted in sensual touches; and finally upon the soles of the feet, so swift of yore, when she was running to satisfy her desires, and that would now walk no more.”
  17. Betsy Birkey is an artist. What is her specialty?
  18. On June 22, 1954 Pauline Parker and her best friend Juliet Hulme asked Parker’s mother, Honorah Rieper, to go for a walk with them through Victoria Park in Christchurch, New Zealand.  As they walked through a wooded area the girls took out a stocking with a brick in it and bludgeoned Rieper to death. The girls served five years in prison for their crime. Juliet Hulme later moved to Great Britain, changed her name, and became a well-known mystery writer. What is her name now?
  19. The clients of this book editor at Scribner’s included F. Scott Fitzgerald, Ernest Hemingway, and Thomas Wolfe. Name him.
  20. Caslon, Times Roman, Bodoni, Ariel, and Blackletter are examples of what?
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