Take a Break!

There is more than enough bad news in the world, so let’s take a break from it for a few minutes. These videos are guaranteed to brighten your day.

Dettmer Art

Let’s begin, with a TED talk that features an artist who repurposes old books.

If you read a lot you might need to get reading glasses which will necessitate a trip to a doctor to have your eyesight checked. Sunday Morning gives us a history of the eye chart you’ll be asked to read.

Some people were mystified by a dog that seemed to be part Teddy bear, but Jeanne Moos of CNN solved the mystery. You may have to click on the volume control within the video to get sound.

Stankard Art

Did you ever wonder how that crystal paperweight you own – you know, the one with the pretty flowers inside – was made? Making paperweights requires an artist with exceptional talent and a bit of luck as we see in a Sunday Morning segment. And here are some photos of some of Paul Stankard’s exquisite creations.

The Library of Congress preserves books and films – lots and lots of both.

Yellowstone National Park, the world’s first national park, is fascinating. But most people don’t realize that part of it is the caldera (a craterlike basin) of a supervolcano that blew the tops off nearby mountains the last time in erupted. National Geographic gives us a quick view of many of the sites that make Yellowstone a huge tourist attraction – and remind us that there’s still a lot of activity going on underground.


Try to spot the people in Johannes Stoetter’s art. Look closely or you’ll miss them – especially in the parrot (one person), the fish (one person) and the lizard (two people – one on top of the other).

ABC meteorologist Ginger Zee snorkels in a lake full of jellyfish – harmless jellyfish.

Hardy Art 3

Elora Hardy designs houses out of grass – bamboo to be exact – and they are both stunning and quite durable as you will see in this TED video.

Whitefrost over Pestera village in Romania

Whitefrost over Pestera village in Romania

Just in case you need a few vacation ideas, here are some breathtaking  possibilities from Quartz and National Geographic Traveler magazine.

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