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Diane Muldrow is an author of children’s books and a long time editor at Little Golden Books. At some point she had a “eureka” moment: she decided to use some of the vintage illustrations from iconic Little Golden Books to remind us of what’s really important in life. The result is a delightful book, Everything I Need To Know I Learned From a Little Golden Book, that will bring back memories to anyone who has enjoyed books such as The Pokey Little Puppy, The Three Bears, and The Little Red Hen. Kirkus Reviews referred to the book as “chicken soup for fans of Golden Books.” Brain Pickings has an article that features some of the illustrations from her book.

Muldrow has followed up with Everything I Need to Know I Learned From a Disney Little Golden Book, Everything I Need to Know About Christmas I Learned From a Little Golden Book, and Everything I Need to Know About Love I Learned From a Little Golden Book.

It’s a simple but novel idea. Now, why didn’t you think of that?

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The computer revolution seems to have largely bypassed the Library of Congress. It is so far behind the times that in this age of digitization it still uses old fashioned card catalogs. Now that the long time Librarian of Congress, James Billington, has retired we have a chance to put someone in place who is tech savvy. But the job of bringing the Library of Congress into the 21st century will be a daunting task according to Politico.

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Belarusian journalist and author Svetlana Alexievich has won the 2015 Nobel Prize in Literature. The Prize has been awarded 107 times, but Alexievich is only the 14th woman to win it.

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The Night CircusBuzzFeed recently asked its newsletter subscribers to tell them about the books they simply can’t stop talking about. The result is a list of 43 books that might interest you – some old and some new.

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Some of the folks at The New Yorker also have a few book recommendations that you might enjoy. Once again, some are old and some are new.

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The Barnes & Noble blog features an article about book-to-movie adaptations that are coming soon to a theater near you.

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If you steal a book from a library someone will realize it’s missing at some point because all books are cataloged. Also, there will probably be many other copies of the missing book in existence. But in archives around the United States documents are being stolen all the time, but no one realizes it because the thousands and thousands of individual letters, manuscripts, and similar minor documents aren’t cataloged. In a Literary Hub article Travis Dade writes that those documents are “not only gone, but it is as if they never existed.”

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