Readings I’ve Enjoyed

A Christmas MemoryThe December 1956 issue of Mademoiselle magazine included a short story that has been anthologized often since then. Additionally, it has been recorded by the author and others, dramatized for television, turned into a Broadway musical, and into a one act opera. The short story is Truman Capote’s somewhat autobiographical “A Christmas Memory.”

It is the tale of a young boy and his elderly child-like “friend” who set out to perform their yearly Christmas ritual. While there is nothing earth-shattering in the story, it is a lovely look at two good-hearted, gentle people who want to give to others at Christmas despite their own impoverished circumstances. It’s the kind of story we need at this particular point in time, so I’ve decided to offer it to you for your consideration.

I found a print version of “A Christmas Memory” here. I also found a dramatized TV version starring Geraldine Page and Donnie Melvin on YouTube. It’s narrated by Truman Capote. Both the teleplay and Page won Emmy Awards. It aired on ABC on December 21, 1966. There are other narrated and filmed versions on YouTube as well.

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