As unlikely as it may seem a book entitled Gut: The Inside Story of Our Bodies Most Underrated Organ has become an international bestseller.  I found  it an absolutely fascinating book despite the taboos related to discussing what happens to the food we eat.  The author, Giulia Enders, turns a yucky subject into a tour de force exposition that gets five out of five stars in my rating system.  You will be surprised at how complex and magical the digestive system is.  Here is a review of Enders book that will give you a sense of its contents.

Giulia Enders was born in 1990 and her book was published in Germany in 2014.  That’s right, she was 24 years old when the book was published.  Here is a YouTube interview that will introduce you to this remarkable young lady.

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John Grisham was the subject of a recent segment on CBS’s Sunday Morning.  Think you know all about John Grisham?  This profile may surprise you.

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“The words entered and emerged from me: when I read a book, I never think of who has written it—it’s as if I were doing it myself. So as a child I didn’t know the names of authors; every book was written by itself, it began and ended, it excited me or not, made me cry or made me laugh.”

That’s the reclusive author Elena Ferrante talking about the influence of books on her.  In particular she was fascinated by Gustave Flaubert’s Madame Bovary.  You can read her article in The New Yorker.

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Oxford University Press has published a series of “Very Short Introductions” that may interest you.  The books are small and brief, but each packs a lot of information.

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Philip Roth had donated his personal library, which consists of approximately 4,000 volumes, to the Newark, New Jersey Public Library.  The books will be shelved in exactly the same order that they have in Roth’s Connecticut home.  A New York Times article has the details.

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The big news in literature this past week was the announcement that Christopher Marlowe co-authored William Shakespeare’s three Henry VI plays.  Can it be?  The Guardian delves into the possibilities.

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