Quiz of the Month – November 2016

In this quiz you must name well-known animals from books and movies.  As always, you will find the answers on the Quiz Answers page.

  1. Nick and Nora’s dog
  2. Dorothy’s dog
  3. The lion in C. S. Lewis’ classic The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
  4. Bill  Sikes’ dog
  5. Dog that answered “the call of the wild”
  6. Harry Potter’s owl
  7. Mowgli’s black panther friend
  8. Mowgli’s bear friend
  9. Famous collie in books, on TV, and in the movies
  10. Evil snake in Disney’s Robin Hood
  11. Dog in The Phantom Tollbooth
  12. Wendy’s dog
  13. Beatrix Potter’s famous rabbit
  14. Rabid St. Bernard in a Stephen King novel
  15. Dominant Berkshire Boar in Animal Farm
  16. Bengal tiger in Life of Pi
  17. Melville’s white whale
  18. Anna Sewell’s equine creation
  19. E. B. White’s beloved spider
  20. Cherished dog in a Disney movie that becomes rabid
  21. Trouble-making Siamese cats in Lady and the Tramp
  22. Faithful Skye Terrier that laid on his master’s grave in Edinburgh
  23. Dr. Dolittle’s parrot
  24. Tarzan’s adoptive mother
  25. H. A. Rey’s curious creation
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