Talking About Books . . .

“You can’t read books all the time; trust me, I’ve tried (and like I said to the officer, at least I wasn’t texting and driving). The next best thing is a good books podcast.”

That’s how Simon Lowe of The Guardian begins his article about the ten best podcasts for book lovers.

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Michael Dirda, the great book reviewer for The Washington Post, believes that author Ursula K. Le Guin is, at age 86, finally getting some of the recognition she deserves as one of our greatest living writers.

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Martin Cruz Smith, the author of Gorky Park and other novels, was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease in 1985, but he chose to keep the diagnosis a secret for various reasons.  He continued to write, ultimately by dictating to his wife, but still kept his disease a secret – even from his publisher – for 18 years.  The New York Times explains why.

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The New York Times recently showcased six new thrillers coming out this fall.

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Take a break from your reading during the upcoming holidays and see a good movie.  The Los Angeles Times has a list of 10 that they think you’ll enjoy.

And speaking of movies, The Guardian laments yet another poor adaptation of a Philip Roth novel.

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