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Imagine that you’re having coffee with a friend.  Your friend begins to talk and you place your coffee mug on the table with the above message facing him/her.  That might well end the conversation.  BuzzFeed has 21 gifts that only grammar nerds will get.  Note: a few are a bit crude.

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Great writers are not necessarily nice people.  Take Vladimir Nabokov for instance.

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I think reading helps to keep your mind sharp, but I think we get the maximum mental benefits when we challenge ourselves by getting out of our comfort zones – by reading books from genres that are unfamiliar or daunting.  Here is an article about 30 books from different genres that might expand your mind a bit, and mark you as a well-read person.

Speaking of books of different genres, check out NPR’s best books of 2016 here.

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The Library of Congress is probably the best known repository of books in the world, but it also has other functions as well.  One is that it is also The National Film Registry which has the duty to “recognize culturally, historically or aesthetically significant” films.  Twenty-five films were added this year bringing the total of recognized films to 700.  You can read about the 25 newly added films here.  You can browse a list of all 700 films, and get descriptions and essays about them here.

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The Wall Street Journal has an article that highlights books that well-known people read in 2016.  Click on the images in the article to find out more about the books.

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Do you play music while reading?  If so, does it help or hurt your ability to concentrate on what you’re reading?  An article in The Atlantic indicates that music generally interferes with our comprehension of what we’re reading.

The Atlantic article mentions “Google Scholar.”  If you’re interested in serious research articles, you should check it out.  A Wikipedia entry explains what it is and what it can do for you.

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And now for a little lagniappe: Mashable gives you a list (with links) to 30 podcasts that will help you get through the holidays.  To see the list, scroll to the bottom of the screen, and click on “CONTINUE READING.” The final podcast, Sampler, is a podcast about podcasts.    Happy Holidays!

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