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The 2017 Academy Awards will be presented on Sunday night, February 26th.  Electric Lit has a list of the nominated movies that are based on books. Be sure to also see the Electric Lit article on the best 2016 literary … Continue reading

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Did You Know . . . ?

Kurt Vonnegut was a masters student in anthropology on the G.I. bill at the University of Chicago after World War II.  He completed his course work and proposed a subject for his thesis, but it was turned down.  He proposed … Continue reading

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Quiz of the Month – January 2017

This quiz will test your knowledge of books that have been made into movies and your knowledge of the actors who played in the movie adaptations.  In each case I will list a character followed by the book (and its … Continue reading

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Talking About Books . . .

John McWhorter, a professor at Columbia University, is one of the most knowledgeable people you will ever run across when it comes to talking about the English language.  He recently discussed his latest book, Words on the Move, on Book … Continue reading

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The New York Times recently ran an article titled “How to Become a ‘Superager.’”  It was written by Lisa Feldman Barrett who is a psychology professor at Northeastern University.  Barrett contends that “superagers” are those who continually push their bodies … Continue reading

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