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John McWhorter, a professor at Columbia University, is one of the most knowledgeable people you will ever run across when it comes to talking about the English language.  He recently discussed his latest book, Words on the Move, on Book TV.  Some may find the language a bit offensive at times, but his talk is worth hearing.

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“Don’t quit your day job” is a common expression that even applies to the authors of bestsellers.  The article you are about to read begins with the story of a well-known author who, though wildly popular, didn’t have enough money to pay her rent.

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There has long been talk about “the great American novel,” but we can’t seem to agree on which novel is the great American novel – or even if it has been written yet.  Literary Hub includes some of the contenders in a recent article.  The comments after the novel lead me to believe that we will never agree on a single novel that is the greatest.

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Looking for some good books to read this year?  There are many lists, but you will find that some books appear on almost every list.  Below are the names of the publications that feature some of the many lists that you might consult for reading recommendations.

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Just for the fun of it, ask a librarian at your local library if he/she has ever been surprised by what was found in a just-returned book.  I doubt that the answer could be more interesting (or strange) than those in a recent Tin House article.

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