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Quotes of Note

“I’m now 81 and I think the happiest years started between sixty and seventy. Apart from illness and pain with my back and a few things like that, I am much happier now. For one thing, I know how to … Continue reading

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The Detection Club

The final item in my recent quiz (published on February 12, 2018) concerned a novel entitled The Floating Admiral.  As you know by now, if you took the quiz, there were multiple authors.  But you might not know why there … Continue reading

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Quiz of the Month – February 2018

Mysteries are popular with just about everyone – and have been for a long, long time.  This quiz will test your knowledge of the genre by challenging you to guess the authors of the novels and short stories listed below, … Continue reading

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Music Notes

Why are the various instruments in a symphony orchestra placed where they’re placed?  An article on the WQXR website provides the answer plus some very interesting clips from YouTube – including one featuring Bugs Bunny. — — — — — … Continue reading

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Words at Play

Once upon a time (in 1936 perhaps) the United States Rubber Company (now Uniroyal) trademarked the name Naugahyde.  Naugahyde, a substitute for leather, became very popular in the 1960s.  It was used primarily as a covering for chairs and sofas … Continue reading

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Talking About Books . . .

According to the folks at Audible their members listened to over one billion hours of “spoken word entertainment” during 2017.  Furthermore, Tuesday is the most popular listening day; the most popular time when people begin listening is between 4:oo p.m. … Continue reading

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Talking About Books . . .

The list of the 2017 MacArthur “Genius” Grant winners has been released, and, as usual, the list is quite diverse.  Also, as usual, I am reminded of how unlikely it is that John D. MacArthur would be the person whose … Continue reading

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