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Music Notes

For many years I produced a program called Opera Showcase on WRKF Public Radio here in Baton Rouge.  The local opera lovers who did most of the shows were as knowledgeable about opera as anyone in the United States.  In … Continue reading

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Chris Ferrie is a quantum theorist.  On a lark he created a book to explain quantum physics to babies.  He was surprised when he learned that his wife and children loved Quantum Physics for Babies, so he set about getting … Continue reading

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Quiz of the Month – June 2017

Below are the partial titles of 30 fiction and nonfiction books along with the names of their authors.  See if you can complete the titles.  As always the answers to the quiz can be found on my Quiz Answers page. … Continue reading

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Quotes of Note

“Many human beings say that they enjoy the winter, but what they really enjoy is feeling proof against it. For them there is no winter food problem. They have fires and warm clothes. The winter cannot hurt them and therefore … Continue reading

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Detective novelist Sue Grafton is nearing the finish line of her A to Z series featuring Casey Millhone.  An article about the series in USA Today also features an excerpt from her latest installation Y Is for Yesterday. — — … Continue reading

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I recently read two novels about traveling bookshops.  The first book is Parnassus on Wheels (1917) by Christopher Morley and the second is The Little Paris Bookshop (2013) by Nina George. Parnassus on Wheels is the story of Helen McGill, … Continue reading

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Words at Play

Perhaps you have never heard of a lexicographer named Kory Stamper, but she is very popular with word nerds.  In addition to her public relations duties with Merriam-Webster she gives talks about words and has recorded numerous short YouTube videos … Continue reading

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