Adult Coloring Books

Adult Coloring Books

Feeling stressed?  Have you tried yoga?  Medications?  How about adult coloring books?  I recently read a fascinating Shelf Awareness article about the phenomenon of adult coloring books.  Here is an excerpt:

“The boom in adult coloring books began in Europe. Lisa Trudeau, U.S. publicity and marketing representative for Jacqui Small (the eponymous imprint of Quarto), said that early last year, when Jacqui Small pitched her idea for the Art Therapy series, Small ‘saw that adult coloring books were all the rage among French women. They were, at that time, outselling all other nonfiction instructional books, even cooking. Women were proudly posting their coloring accomplishments on Pinterest boards, many claiming that the therapeutic effects of coloring were more effective than yoga, meditation, or even antidepressants.’ ”

To read the entire article, click here and then scroll down to “Adult Coloring Books: Filling in the Blanks.”

NPR recently interviewed Johanna Basford, the acknowledged queen of adult coloring book creators.

Many of Basford’s fans have sent her photos of colored-in drawings from her books, and she displays them on her website.  Click on “Load more” to see additional photos.  And be sure to explore the entire website.

And finally, Quartz has an article about the phenomenon that contains a number of links that might interest you, as well as a gallery of coloring examples.

Well, what are you waiting for?  Start coloring!


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